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alcove at crawfurd medical social media charlene chew kelly latimer prenatal massage pre-pregnancy massage stretch marks treatmentsCrawfurd Aesthetics is recommended by local celebrities such as Charlene Chew (known as missuschewy), a mother, lifestyle blogger, and social media endorser – as well as Kelly Latimer, who is also a mother as well as a TV Host and Vocal Talent.

These well-known public figures have shared their experiences and satisfaction atCrawfurd Aesthetics on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Moreover, they have shared giveaways and Alcove’s promotion codes on their social media accounts!

Body Slimming

After her childbirth, Charlene Chew decided to experience our Body Slimming sessions (High-Intensity Flat Ablation, Ultrasound Cavitation, and Radiofrequency Slimming). She was finally back to her pre-pregnancy weight 4 months after the treatments!

Prenatal Massage

Here, Kelly Latimer shared her happiness by giving out the discount quote for Prenatal Massage and Signature Facial at Crawfurd Aesthetics. Her discount quote is still valid!


Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch mark is a common problem during pregnancy. Kelly Latimer talked about how she managed to solve this particular problem after she got a treatment at Crawfurd Aesthetics.


Facial / Acne Treatment

Charlene Chew felt delighted after her facial and acne treatment sessions at our place…

Visit Charlene’s blog.


  • Kelly Latimer, ChurpChurp Alpha Influencer
  • Charlene Chew, Bloggerati by Nuffnang


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