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Ocean Miracle

80 minutes

A high technology facial mask with wakame kelp for firming, moisturising and healing results. With hyadisine, a powerful 24-hour moisturizing active ingredient, it retains 97% more moisture than hyaluronic acid. Facial cells experience a detox which detains and reverses cellular ageing. Mature skin experiences profound firming.




80 minutes

It is a revolutionary treatment that purifies the skin at all levels. At the epidermis level, it eliminates the superficial pollutant layer and eases the removal of blackheads. The treatment penetrates deep to detoxify the cells, oxygenating and energizing them to prolong their life, optimising their function.



Intensive Q10

80 minutes

Using high quality, cellular anti-ageing ingredients to energize, stimulate and reactivate skin on a cellular level. It encourages collagen synthesis which provides greater elasticity. Its high technology mask presents the healing benefits of Vitamin C and Dill to give clearer and rested skin. Suitable for mature and demanding skin types.




80 minutes

An intelligent facial mask with diatomaceous earth producing a detoxifying and moisturizing effect to dermo-purify and regulate, to stop the shine for oily and shiny skins. The deep moisturization quenches oily skin with a dewy matte effect. Recommended for all ages.




80 minutes

Mature skins experience a renewal effect, with the results of a Botox treatment without injections or side effects. This treatment fills up wrinkles to erase imperfections with a regenerating and soothing action with the healing and calming elements of aloe vera and linseed.